i-KYC Academy
EUR 75.00

2020 AML/CFT Risk Awareness Course

This certification course consists of two parts:
Part 1 : Money Laundering & Terrorism Finance
Part 2: AML/CFT Laws & Bank Policies

EUR 75.00

2020 Anti-bribery & Corruption

Pervasive bribery and corruption distorts economic fundamentals and erodes public confidence in the integrity of governmental institutions. This bank focused Anti Corruption training provides essential information and guidance to conduct business safely.

EUR 75.00

2020 Introduction to AML/CFT and CDD

The UNODC estimates that 70% of the criminal money that is laundered every year passes through the financial sector. This course provides a general introduction to AML/CFT and describes in detail how banks address their regulatory responsibilities.

EUR 75.00

2020 Offshore Financial Centers & Financial Crime

Corporate tax optimisation structures using offshore vehicles are the subject of increased public scrutiny in recent years. This e-learning will provide you with a general introduction to and guidance for this politically sensitive subject.

EUR 75.00

2020 Sanctions Compliance

The i-KYC sanctions compliance e-learning is indispensable to enhance your general knowledge of the nature of sanctions regimes and their reach in terms of geography and type.

i-KYC is a leading international Anti-Money Laundering advisory and training firm with offices in Amsterdam and Singapore.

i-KYC's consultants combine AML subject matter expertise with extensive training experience to support the full spectrum of the financial sector, i.e. from supervisory authorities to financial institutions and AML enforcement agencies such as Financial Intelligence Units.